Northern Ireland Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue (NISBTR) was established August 2012 in response to the ever-increasing number of unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused Staffordshire Bull Terriers (SBT) in need of assistance and re-homing.

Although we are a relatively new and small rescue, those involved have lots of experience behind them and despite the difficult challenges we are faced with we work extremely hard to to achieve our aims and are incredibly proud of our success to date.

NISBTR is a registered charity (Charity Registration Number NIC101909) and is run by a smalll group of dedicated people. Everyone at NISBTR is involved in Stafford rescue because of their passion for the breed and their desire to make a difference for those dogs less fortunate than their own.

Unfortunately, due to financial and resource restraints we are unable to help SBT crosses.

Please note: NISBTR is a rescue, not a re-homing service for people who no longer want their dog/s, although we are happy and willing to advise those who feel that they are left with no alternative other than to find their SBT a new home.

GALLERY - The Staffordshire Bull Terriers pictured in the gallery below are just a few of the dogs that have been happily re-homed by NISBTR.