NISBTR is always looking for loving new homes for the Staffordshire Bull Terriers that come into our care - families that are totally committed to providing a home for life.

Anyone interested in adopting one of our dogs must demonstrate an understanding of Staffordshire Bull Terriers and rescue dogs in general.

All of our dogs are placed in foster care so that they can be assessed over a period of time in a home environment. They are temperament tested and assessed for their suitability to be homed with children and other dogs. We can never guarantee a dog's future behaviour but we can give potential adoptive families a very good idea of a dog's character and individual needs.

At NISBTR we know from experience that a gradual re-homing process works best, therefore we take time to match the right dog to the right family.

NISBTR respectfully asks that all potential adoptive families consider these important factors before contacting us.

1. Breed - Is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier the right dog for you and your family? Research the breed thoroughly before deciding.

2. Children - Do your children know how to behave responsibly around dogs?

3. Cost - Consider the cost of food and veterinary bills etc.

4. Existing pets - Consider the impact on other pets in the family.

5. Rented accommodation - Does your current landlord agree to having dogs in their property? Should you have to move, will you be able to secure future accommodation that allows for dogs?

6. Working hours - Do you have time outside working hours to care for a dog? Should your work hours increase, do you have family or friends who can help take care of your dog?

7. Future children - If you are unable to cope with a child/children AND a dog, please do not contact us.

8. Exercise - Do you have the time and committment to exercising your dog properly?

9. Long term committment - The average life span of a dog is around 12 years - many live until 14/15/16 years of age. Are you committed to keeping a dog for life?

10. Relationship breakdown - Will you be capable of taking care of a dog after a relationship breakdown?


Anyone interested in re-homing one of our dogs will be subject to a stringent home check to determine their suitability to adopt. Once a home check has been passed, families are invited to meet the dog that they are interested in re-homing. If another dog/s is already in the family several 'meet and greets' will be arranged. If both parties are happy to proceed, NISBTR offer a two week *home trial. The home trial gives the opportunity to ensure that the dog fits in perfectly with its new home environment. During this time representives of NISBTR are always there to offer help, advice and support whenever needed.

At the end of the home trial, if both parties agree, an adoption contract will be signed. The contract includes a clause that allows a representative of NISBTR to make regular checks on the dog during the following twelve months and at any time after that if it is deemed neccessary by us. NISBTR also reserves the right to take a dog back into its care at any point thereafter if it is suffering from neglect or harm in our view. All of our dogs are dual microchipped/registered to NISBTR.

*We would respectfully ask that anyone taking a dog on a home trial be 100% committed to offering it a permanent home. Many of our dogs will have been moved around several times beforehand and we do not wish to cause them any more anxiety. 


1. Once you have read and understood the above please READ CAREFULLY the full profile of the dog you may be interested in adopting to determine whether you can offer a suitable home for that particular dog. 

2. If you feel you meet your chosen dog's criteria please contact us via telephone on 07563 368 589.

3. If we do not have a dog that would be suitable for you and your family but you would still like to be considered for adopting one of our dogs in the future please contact us via telephone on 07563 368 589.


NISBTR is a charity that relies solely on kind donations from its supporters and members of the general public. We do not have a standard adoption fee but we do ask for a minimum donation of £125 for a puppy up to the age of 1 year and a minimum of £80 for a dog age 1 year and above. The money we receive goes directly towards helping the next Staffordshire Bull Terrier that comes into our care. 


We hope that anyone adopting one of our dogs will continue to support NISBTR in any way they can, particularly with regards to fundraising. We love to receive regular updates on the progress of our dogs and will always be there to offer life-long support whenever needed. 

*PLEASE NOTE - The best method of contact is via telephone. If we are unable to answer straight away please leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.