About BIGGIE and KIA

Biggie and Kia came into our care in October 2023 after they were sadly both orphaned. They are a bonded pair and will be rehomed as a couple. Since they arrived we have gotten to know them extremely well and know exactly the kind of home that would suit them best. Together, they make the most wonderful combination of pets. They are funny, endearing and an absolute joy to be around. They have lots in common but there are also many differences in their personalities and traits. Both dogs took some time to adjust to their new surroundings here at Staffie HQ. Understandably, they were a little reserved at first and we had to gain their trust in the early days. Biggie, in particular, was a little unsure of himself and afraid of new situations and people. That all changed with time though and his new family will need to allow him the time to adjust also.

BIGGIE - Biggie is approximately 6 years of age. He is a magnificent Staffordshire Bull Terrier and very much suits his name. He is a strong, powerful dog and on the odd occasion can be a little strong-headed. This just adds to his character and with the right owner he will learn to be more relaxed in certain circumstances. Biggie is a very gentle and sensitive soul at heart.

Biggie is a medium energy dog. He needs at least one 45 minute walk or two thirty minute walks a day. Unlike Kia, Biggie can get a little bit restless after a couple of days without exercise. Even so, he will go with the flow and adapt really well to slightly different routines. Biggie's favourite things are playing ball, giving kisses and receiving cuddles. He is also a foodie and loves his grub.

KIA - Kia is a little mixed breed who is approximately 9 years of age. Kia is the sweetest, most innocent and totally adorable little dog. She is low energy but still enjoys her walks and outdoor adventures. Kia's favourite things are sniffing the ground on walks and receiving tummy tickles and kisses. She is very low maintenance, a real couch potato, and is very happy in her own company cuddled up on the sofa. On many occasions since she arrived into our care we have almost forgotten she is there...she is just so easy going and relaxed. Just like Biggie, Kia is very obedient and goes with the flow of things. This makes her the easiest of dogs to care for. If Kia misses a day or two without a walk her relaxed behaviour in the home is unaltered.

Biggie and Kia are the perfect couple for a family that has always wanted two dogs that live in complete harmony with each other. They have each other to depend on and this makes rehoming them together such an easy task. They lie next to each other and have their little spurts of playtime together which makes them the ideal duo. Biggie and Kia walk well together when there are no distractions, especially other dogs. The two of them react in a negative way towards other dogs because they feed off one another's vibes and energy. We are therefore strongly recommending that the two are walked separately. This really shouldn't be an issue for a potential family because they both have different energy levels. The reality is they have each other and simply don't need or want other dogs in their life. Biggie's fear of other dogs means they will need a family that understands that fear and will keep them both safe at all times.

Biggie and Kia both travel well in the car (even long distances), are fully housetrained and sleep well at night. They can be left for fairly long but reasonable lengths of time without ever becoming destructive. They are very much chilled out and relaxed dogs in their own company.

We can't emphasise enough just what fantastic dogs Biggie and Kia are. Well-mannered, flexible, obedient, easy going and full of love - they will make the right family the perfect pets.

We have no history of Biggie and Kia ever living with little people therefore they will only be rehomed to an adult family. A calm, quiet environment will suit them best.

Biggie and Kia are eligible for our Senior Stafford Scheme (SSS) which entitles them to assistance from NISBTR with any unexpected veterinary bills post adoption (excluding vaccinations and worming treatment) should they need medical care. Our SSS is there to reassure any potential family that they do not have to worry about future costs.


  • Name: BIGGIE and KIA
  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Available
  • House Trained
  • Suitable for Adults Only

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