About Dolly

7 year old Dolly was surrendered into our after her owner could no longer take care of her and had been a very much loved pet. She has previously lived with several other dogs but this clearly wasn't the life that Dolly was comfortable with, so the decision has been made to rehome her as an only pet. She will ignore most dogs on her walk but like most canines, she does not appreciate them coming into her space unless in a controlled environment.

Dolly is a most wonderful Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is a well-balanced, ready made pet who is quite simply a joy to be around. She is best described as obedient, funny, gentle, loving, affectionate and very biddable. Dolly is active and very playful but also has a lovely calm temperament. She can left for reasonable amounts of time and is not destructive in any way.

Dolly is housetrained, sleeps well at night and is happy to travel in a car.

Dolly is not suitable to be rehomed with a cat/s.


Dolly enjoys her sprightly walks and is good on the lead, although she prefers to walk at a good pace rather than dawdle. Two 30/45 minute walks a day is what she needs to keep her well exercised. She loves her strong toys and doing the laundry! Spending time in the garden and cuddles on the sofa are her two favourite pastimes.

Dolly loves people of all ages and is suitable to be rehomed with one or two children aged 8 years and above. She would love being part of a family where she receives individual attention and one that includes her in most activities. Her confidence outdoors in different situations like visiting a cafe and a pet store has really increased since she has been in foster care - she really is an fabulous all-round pet.


  • Name: Dolly
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Available
  • House Trained
  • Suitable for Under 12s

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