About LOLA

4 year old Lola is the sweetest, most gentle, loving little Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is an absolute joy to be around and just like all Staffords she simply adores human company and likes to follow people around and feel part of the family. Lola can be left for reasonable amounts of time but is ideally looking for a family where someone is home for most (if not all) of the day, certainly for the first few months of being in a new home.
Lola is housetrained, crate trained (she loves the security it gives her) and travels well in the car. She sleeps well at night and is a very quiet, unassuming little dog.
Lola is a medium to high energy dog so is looking for a home with a very active family. Her favourite thing is playing ball which she could do all day long and she really enjoys going to the park, forest, beach (she loves to go in the sea) - anywhere that she can enjoy the great outdoors. She walks beautifully on the lead and has an excellent recall. She is also a very intelligent little dog and loves being trained and learning new things. A good sized, secure garden is a must for Lola so that she can have plenty of ball/play time.
Lola's other favourite thing is having her tummy rubbed and patted. Provided she has had lots of exercise during the day she is very happy curling up on the sofa for cuddles in the evening and enjoys watching a good film on TV.
Lola has previously lived with and has been fostered with another small breed dog so would be suitable to be rehomed with one other well-balanced, placid dog depending on how several meet and greets go.
Lola has spent time around little people but never lived with them and although she is very gentle and respectful we have placed the minimum age of any children in a potential family at 8 years of age.
Shortly after Lola came into our care we discovered that sadly, she has abnormal kidneys and is at stage two of kidney disease. It is likely that her condition was inherited. This means that she will need to be on a special kidney care diet and a syrup type medicine to prevent her from having little accidents for the rest of her natural life. Her medicine keeps her completely dry both day and night. Kidney disease is quite uncommon in a dog of Lola's age but the reality is that with the correct diet and avoidance of certain foods, dogs like Lola can go on to live happy and lengthy lives. There is of course, a chance that her life may be slightly limited but we are hopeful that because we caught the disease straight away that her new diet will make a big difference for her.
Overall, Lola is a joyous, happy, obedient, loving and well-mannered dog who will undoubtedly bring a great deal of happiness and pleasure into anyone's life. She is a teeny, tiny bundle of fun and has a really big heart that wins over everyone that meets her.


  • Name: LOLA
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Available
  • Dog Friendly
  • House Trained
  • Suitable for Under 12s

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