Monty has just turned 12 months of age and is a most adorable, lovable, biddable little dog. He has been in our care since January 25th and we could not have asked any more from him since day one. He settled in so quickly with his foster family, which is remarkable because Monty was picked up as a stray and spent 10 days in dog pound before he came to us. This handsome chappy hasn't put a paw wrong in all the time we have had the pleasure of knowing him. His huge smile instantly wins over anyone that meets Monty - he is such a pleasant dog without a bad bone in his body.

Monty's favourite things are playing ball, pinching socks and having cuddles with his human companions. Food is a close second as to what Monty lives for. He especially loves carrots, bananas and apples as a healthy treat. On occasions he lacks concentration but he is very food oriented which helps make his further training 'a walk in the park'.

Monty is looking for a family that will continue to teach him new things. His young brain is just like a little sponge and he relishes the idea of learning. Even though Monty has just turned 12 months of age he still exhibits some puppyish behaviour in very good ways, which makes him even more adorable. Like all Staffords, he can get a little bit over-excited at times, so some ongoing training in good manners would be ideal for him.

Monty is happy to sleep in his crate overnight but isn't so keen to go in it during the day even for short periods, he much prefers to be in the thick of things like most Staffords - following their humans around and wanting to please. His new family will need to have someone at home for the best part of the day for at least the first few months of his rehoming. He has been through so many changes in his short life, therefore we would him to have a family that can spend lots of time with him initially. Any time left on his own would have to be built up gradually from the maximum hour he has been on his own since coming into our care - this can be said of almost all our rescue dogs...they simply need time to adjust to a new routine.

Monty is a medium energy dog. He absolutely loves being outdoors taking in his surroundings and enjoys every step of his walks. He has been lead trained and is an absolute joy to take on a dander. A minimum of two 30 minute walks or a good one hour walk a day is what is needed to keep Monty exercised, although he would be equally happy hiking for miles and exploring the great outdoors - an outdoor adventure family would suit him to a tee.

With the right nurturing, Monty will undoubtedly be a pet that any family would be proud to have and because Monty is such an affable and easy-going little dog he would be an ideal dog for a first time Stafford owner/s.

Monty is not fazed at all by other dogs that pass him on a walk. He is a confident, friendly, socialable dog and could possibly live with another medium energy dog. Any potential family with an existing dog will need to take part in several meet and greets with Monty prior to a home trial and will need to introduce him very slowly in his new home. This doesn't just apply to Monty, it is a stipulation we have with all our dogs that are rehomed to a family that already has a dog.

We have no history of Monty ever living with children and for that reason we would place a minimum age of any children in a potential family (including visiting children) to 8 years.

Monty is fully housetrained, absolutely loves the car and travels really well.

Monty is not suitable to be rehomed with a cat/s.


  • Name: MONTY
  • Sex: Male
  • Status: Available
  • Dog Friendly
  • House Trained
  • Suitable for Under 12s

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