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Zara came into our care in May 2023 - she was just 5 months old at the time. Since this totally adorable and fun-loving pup arrived we have spent 5 months untraining the unfortunate traits she had picked up in her previous home. There was a great deal of work to be done but we are now confident that her transformation means she is ready to be welcomed into a new and loving home. Her new family must be committed to ensuring that she has the right environment to continue to learn.

Zara is looking for a home with a family that has extensive experience with Staffords - one that will ensure she receives the appropriate leadership that will prevent her from returning to her old, unwelcome habits. Zara is head strong and is not a dog that can be left to her own devices. She can be mischievous at times but that just adds to the abundance of character she has. Her new family will need to have at least one member at home for most of the day (in the initial few months anyway) until she becomes accustomed to a change in her home environment.

She has been living in a foster home with a very mature and sensible 8 year old child who has been brought up around dogs and therefore knows how to behave around them. She would be suitable to be rehomed with a child that would fit into the same category.

Zara walks well on the lead. She is a high energy dog that will continue to benefit from being socialised with other dogs because she is super dog friendly. Her favourite canine friends at the dog park that she has been attending for two days a week for several months are a Visler and a Labrador. She is looking for a home where there is already one (possibly two) other dogs as we know that this would benefit her greatly. Any existing dog must be tolererant of a young and very playful pup. A well-balanced, robust dog would be an ideal partner for Zara.

Zara's favourite adventures include going to the beach. She would endoubtedly love hill walking and other outdoor activities too, so a really active family would be ideal for her. She has been enjoying weekends away in a caravan and adapts well to new surroundings. Zara loves playing ball and has a real passion for soft toys as well as the antler bones that she is very fond of chewing.

The potential Zara has is amazing. She has come such a long way since we met her and she will be a wonderful companion to the right dog/s as well as a real credit to her new family. This precious girl has so much love to give - she loves her cuddles, kisses and snuggles on the sofa. Provided that she is well-exercised, Zara is always calm, happy to relax and will take up most of the sofa given the opportunity.

Zara is house trained and is also is crate trained. She is quite happy to be left for short periods of time in her little sanctuary. Her crate is also her bed and she is very comfortable going to it at bedtime. Zara is very comfortable travelling in a car.

Zara could possibly be rehomed with a cat.


  • Name: ZARA
  • Sex: Female
  • Status: Available
  • Dog Friendly
  • House Trained
  • Suitable for Over 12s
  • Suitable for Under 12s

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