Our Senior Stafford Scheme (SSS)

Our Senior Stafford Scheme (SSS) was set up in 2015. The aim of the scheme is to alleviate some of the financial concerns that any potential adoptive family may have about welcoming a senior dog into their home. Regardless of their age, any dog that comes into our care receives all the immediate surgery and treatment that they need before they become available for adoption i.e. lumps and bumps removed, dental care and obviously neutering and spaying, so they leave us in the very best condition and hopefully won't need to see a vet for a long time. However, if a senior dog needs further medical attention the scheme helps to cover the costs.


For each senior dog (aged 8 years and above) that comes into our care we set aside a pot of money to the total of £500 that is there to pay for any surgery/treatment that the dog needs post-adoption. The money is available at any time, even years later and can be used for lots of small veterinary bills or go towards a bigger one. The only exclusions are annual boosters and worming treatment.

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