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Our little Buddy is now available for adoption. This happy and very cheeky little chappy came into our care in February 2021 aged just 14 months old and just turned two years of age in December 2021. Sadly, due to the lack of socialisation, training and exercise that he experienced in his previous home Buddy had several major behavioural issues that came with him. From constant jumping, nipping and tearing of clothes, separation anxiety, total inability to walk on a lead to wanton destructiveness, inability to comprehend the outside world, fear of loud noises, and not being able to focus on any kind of training, Buddy was in desperate need of help. Both Buddy and his foster carers had a great deal to work on and there was never going to be a quick fix, hence the length of time he has been with us.

However, with thanks to his dedicated foster family, Buddy has made considerable improvements in all these areas, albeit some more than others. Buddy's current foster carers are spending a significant amount of time with his training and rehabilitation but due to their other commitments in life they are limited to a certain degree. Which is why we feel that Buddy will learn a lot quicker with a family that will have that additional time for him. So, Buddy is looking for a home with a family can continue working with him and speed up his rehabilitation.

It is very important for anyone who would like to be considered for adopting Buddy that there is a certainty that he will go several steps back before he goes forward again and therefore, they will need to have a great deal of understanding, patience and consideration for him during the initial few weeks/months. The great news is that Buddy has a good capacity to learn and is very eager to please. He has often surprised his foster carers with just how quickly he can pick things up.

All our rescue dogs to some degree need a little help with training, rehabilitation and obtaining life skills and we are sure that the sense of satisfaction that our previous and current adoptive families get when they see the improvements in their foster dog is enormous. That couldn't be truer for Buddy's current foster family and his new adoptive family once we have found them.

Buddy has learned to be left on his own for quite long periods without being destructive or anxious. His new family will need to build up the amount of time he is left alone until he has settled in properly.

Buddy is a high energy dog. He will need a minimum of 90 minutes good exercise a day. This makes Buddy the ideal pet for someone who loves to explore the great outdoors, hike and go to lots of places where he can burn off his energy. He is a very playful dog and loves his Chuck It balls and rope toys. Another source of enjoyment for Buddy is cuddles and attention on the sofa. Like most Staffies, he likes to be the centre of attention and is very lovable when he is relaxed and calm and is always on his best behaviour when he feels safe in his surroundings.

NISBTR will be 100% supportive of any new family that is willing to give him the best possible chance in life. We have our qualified behaviourist who will always be there for advice and assistance when needed. We will continue to provide Buddy with every useful tool that is available and be there to offer support along the way.

Buddy will need a family where there are NO children and NO other pets - one with someone who has lots of experience with dogs and Staffies in particular, and one that likes a challenge. A single person or couple that live a relatively quiet and private life would be ideal for Buddy especially as he can become very overexcited with visitors to the house. With the right family there is no doubt that Buddy will prove to be a very loyal and loving companion.

Buddy is fully housetrained but has been known to have an accident if it is raining outside. He travels well in the car once he is settled into a journey.

We would ask that anyone interested in giving Buddy a forever home meets him on a few occasions before he goes on a home trial. This will allow Buddy time to get to know and trust any prospective family.

If you would like to know more about BUDDY please contact us via pm to our Facebook page or call Julie on 07563 368 589.


Super dog-friendly and fun to be with Michael is 18 months of age. He is in need of a very specific home with a robust and energetic dog that can he can run and play with, so a reasonably large, secure garden is preferable. Michael is a very sociable, high energy dog who we believe will benefit greatly by having a canine companion who can keep up with his playfulness and exuberance and also show him how to be more relaxed and less anxious in a home environment. He is looking for a family without children at this stage in his life.

Michael is a very loving, affectionate boy who needs a canine brother or sister who will encourage him to walk on a lead and enjoy the great outdoors. Lead walking has proved to be very difficult since he was a puppy but it is hoped that he will find a canine companion that he can form a bond with and follow their example of going on and enjoying a walk. Changing Michael's disinterest (and sometimes complete refusal) of walking on a lead may take a lot of time and patience, so it is important that any potential family understands this from the offset.

Michael can be left for reasonable amounts of time without being destructive although he can become anxious at times and frets over little things. Being around other dogs and playing definitely helps him overcome any anxiety he may be feeling. This is another reason why we believe that the right canine company will be of great benefit to him. He is generally a very well-behaved boy but just like any other young dog, he can get into mischief on occasions.

It's not very often that we have a Stafford in need of a loving home that we insist is rehomed with a family that already has an existing sturdy medium to large breed dog, so Michael is a great choice for any family that feels that their current, high energy dog would benefit from canine companionship too.

Michael loves to travel in the car, sleeps well at night and is fully housetrained.

If you would like to know more about MICHAEL please contact us via pm to our Facebook page or call Julie on 07563 368 589.


Norah has just turned two years of age. She is the most happy-go-lucky, delightful little dog who just loves to play. Full of affection and very eager please, Norah is a very typical Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She loves to be in the middle of any action and can be a bit of a sticking plaster but this just adds to her charming and infectious personality.

Norah was surrendered to a dog pound and labeled as being an escape artist but this was undoubtedly due to the fact that she spent a great deal of her time in her original home shut outdoors and without the mental stimulation that a Staffie requires. The scarring that is still evident on her forehead is from the harm she caused herself as a result of her becoming bored and attempting to get out of a garden. During the time that she has been in foster care there have been no indications that she would be an escape artist.

Norah is dog friendly and we will happily rehome her with another dog but she will need a family that has a great deal of common sense when it comes to introducing a new dog to their home and be able to curtail any overexcitement with her because Norah can sometimes be over-exuberant with canine playmates. Even though she is quite high energy, Norah also loves her down-time and is always more than happy to cuddle up on the sofa to give and receive lots of love - she is a very affectionate little dog.

Norah loves her grub which is a great thing because she is very biddable when food is on offer. She will benefit from some further basic training in some areas and although she wasn't fully housetrained before she came into foster care she is now.

Norah loves her walks and after the initial excitement settles down nicely and walks well on a lead. She has never been taught recall therefore it is especially important that she is kept on a lead at all times unless in a very safe and secure place...something we at NISBTR strongly advocate regardless of the level of training a dog may have had. A minimum of two good 30 minute walks a day is what NORAH would need and a reasonably sized garden for her to run around in is most desirable.

Norah travels really well in the car and is happy to be crated for short periods of time provided she has something to occupy her mind like a Kong. She also sleeps well at night. However, if left for long periods on her own she could be disruptive, so she is looking for a family where there will be some at home most of the time.

Norah has a wonderful temperament and would be ideally suited to a family with children aged 12 years and above or an adult only household. She would be an ideal new addition to a family that knows and understands typical Staffie behaviour.

If you would like to know more about NORAH please contact us via pm to our Facebook page or call Julie on 07563 368 589.


10 year young MILO is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit him best. No applications or enquiries can be made about MILO until he becomes available for adoption.