Dogs Available

All of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers shown below are, or will be, available for adoption. 


LILY (aged10 yrs) and SKY (aged 9 yrs) are now ready to fly from our nest after spending five months in our care. The girls came to us from welfare in November 2018 and it would be very true to say that they both had had a fairly hard time for a number of years beforehand. Both were suffering from severe flea infestation when they were collected by welfare officers and SKY's ears have been permanently damaged from ear infections and mite infestation that had been left untreated. Her hearing is fine but she is susceptible to

Although the girls are not from the same litter they have been together almost all of their lives and are very much sisters. The love they have for each other and the sisterly bond between them is blatantly obvious which is why they are looking for a forever home together.

LILY is the more confident one of the two and is quite sprightly for her age. She is lucky enough not to suffer from any arthritis or typical aging problems especially as she has had

Due to the background and history of LILY and SKY neither of them are suitable to be around other dogs or household pets. It is important to stress that there is no real aggression in them but they simply don't know how to behave around other animals and they become very overexcited (even when the see other pets) to the point where they are unmanageable and unpredictable. At their stage in life it would be far more simplistic and acceptable for them to never be placed in a sutuation that could get out of control. For this reason we are looking for a home that is fairly secluded (perhaps a rural area) where they are very much house dogs. They will need lots of outdoor space to run around in and explore as a means of exercise as opposed to walking the streets.

Both LILY and SKY travel well in the car, sleep well at night and

Both LILY and SKY are eligible for our Senior Stafford Scheme whereby financial assistance is given to an adoptive family for help towards any unexpected veterinary bills. Details can be given on request.

If you wish to find out more about LILY & SKY, please call us on 07563 368 589 or 07599 240 652.