Dogs Available

All of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers shown below are, or will be, available for adoption. 


18 month old BUDDY is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit him best. No applications or enquiries can be made about BUDDY until he becomes available for adoption.


Luna is 2 years 3 months of age. She is the most delightful, funny and endearing little Stafford with a very sweet personality and lovely temperament. Although she can be very shy with people at first she soon comes around and responds well to kindness - once she has gained someone's trust, they will have a friend forever in Luna. 

Luna is a very playful dog and is still quite puppyish in the way she acts. She can be quite bouncy but lots of exercise and mental stimulation helps to keep her calm and focused. She loves to play ball but needs very strong toys because she can get through them in no time at all. She also has a penchant to chew slippers and shoes if not watched carefully but with distraction and diversion techniques we are confident that her behaviour can be easily and quickly rectified.

Not surprisingly, Luna loves her cuddles and tummy tickles and simply adores being around people. She always wears a happy Staffie smile especially when she has lots of human interaction. Luna spent much of her time outdoors (all our adopted dogs must be kept indoors) and hasn't been left on her own since she came into our care. She will need to be gradually introduced to being home alone to prevent any potential destructiveness.

Luna is looking for a family where she is the only dog. She was never socialised as a puppy and doesn't really know how to greet other dogs properly. She gets very excited around them but always has a waggy tail when she sees them. Because she has a lot of time to make up, we would like her to go to a home where she will get undivided attention. It might be possible to introduce a second dog after she has settled in her new home for a good amount of time.

Luna has developed submissive urination from the time she was a very young pup. Advice on training and helping her overcome it will be given to her new family. It is not something that we are overly worried about but clearly she needs help in changing her behaviour and we are positive that it can be done with a little patience and understanding. 

Like most dogs, Luna does not like loud noises. She is suitable to be rehomed with children aged eight or over and who know how to behave around a dog and respect her need for space on occasions. A calm environment and young children don't always go hand in hand but it is important that Luna goes to a relatively quiet household with maybe one or two children or no children at all.

Luna is not suitable to be rehomed with cats.

Luna walks well on the lead and positively loves her walks. She is very healthy but does have a bit of weight to lose so ideally her family will love long walks and will keep a check on her diet. A minimum of two 45 minutes walk a day is what Luna requires. She would love to go on little runs too! She travels well in the car but needs to feel secure whilst on a journey. Luna has her own bed and sleeps well during the night. 

This precious little dog will definitely thrive in a family that has lots of time to spend with her individually. 


AUTUMN is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit her best. No applications or enquiries can be made about AUTUMN until she becomes available for adoption.


TARA is currently on a home trial.