Dogs Available

All of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers shown below are, or will be, available for adoption. 


3 year KUBO is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit him best. No applications or enquiries can be made about KUBO until he becomes available for adoption.


17 month old BUDDY is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit him best. No applications or enquiries can be made about BUDDY until he becomes available for adoption.


15 month old Enzo is a delightful, young, bouncy dog who is full of life and adventure. He is very playful, great fun to be around and ideally suited to a family that has the time and energy to work with him.

Enzo is a very typical Stafford in that he loves human company and can get a little overexcited when he first meets someone new but he is a very quick learner and has responded really well to the training he has been given since coming into our care. Enzo's mouthing to get attention has become a lot less since his foster carer has been been looking after him but if he isn't discouraged from this unwanted behaviour in his new home it is likely that he will return to it, therefore Enzo will need a new family that understands the importance of positive reward based training methods.

Walking and exploring the outdoors is what Enzo loves the most. He is a medium to high energy dog who will need around 90 minutes of exercise every day. His lead training is coming on nicely but there is still work to be done with him in this area. Enzo would make the perfect family pet for those who enjoy lots of outdoor activities and recreation. He is suitable to be rehomed with children aged 16 years and above.

Enzo is very loving and affectionate.He also gives great kisses. He loves to be the centre of attention and will sometimes push his boundaries if he is ignored for too long. Anyone considering offering Enzo a forever home must be willing to put in the necessary time to continue with his training and be able to show him the leadership he needs to continue growing into a well-mannered and polite young dog.

Prior to coming into our care, Enzo was never properly socialised with other dogs. He isn't phased by them when out on a walk but due to the time that his new family will need to dedicate to him, we would like him to go to a home where he is the only dog.

Enzo is fully housetrained, sleeps well at night, travels well in the car and is able to be left on his own for reasonable amounts of time (two to three hours) without him becoming bored. Left unattended for more than a few hours risks him becoming destructive.

This happy little chappie will certainly be an asset to a family that is familiar with the energy and mishaps of owning a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


Champ is approximately 4 years of age. He is a super, well-behaved, well-mannered boy with so much love to give. Champ just loves people! He enjoys human company so much and can very much be a sticking plaster - Champ's foster family refer to him as a velcro dog who loves his cuddles and belly rubs. He is so affectionate and very, very loving - a typical Stafford in every sense.

Champ is a very well-balanced and mature dog. He loves to learn new things and is a very biddable, eager to please Stafford who is also very inquisitive, not to mention smart.

Champ's favourite toy is his football. He loves to frolic around the garden with the deflated ball in his mouth. He is playful, not too boisterous and great fun to be around. Like most Staffords, he also enjoys lounging around and soaking up the sun in the garden.

After the initial excitement of going out for a walk, Champ soon settles into his stride and walks very well on his lead. He will ignore other dogs when out walking but like most dogs, he doesn't appreciate strange dogs suddenly approaching him. There is no aggression in him at all but he is very alert when he is distracted by other canines.

We feel that he will do best in a home where he is the only dog simply because he loves his one on one attention - he really wouldn't like to be left out of things. Champ is looking for a home where he can be a full member of the family. He craves human attention and likes to be up close to people. His new family will have to allow him on furniture because that is where he likes to sit and lie the most.

Champ is housetrained, travels well in the car and can be left for reasonable amounts of time without becoming anxious or destructive.

Champ is suitable to be rehomed with children that are a little robust (perhaps aged 6 years and above). He is generally very calm around little people but doesn't have a great deal of spatial awareness.

A medium energy dog, Champ needs to be walked for two 30/40 minute walks a day. Champ has little or no recall and would likely find the smallest hole in a fence, so a very secure garden is essential.

Champ is fit and healthy but is being treated for allergies. He is currently on medication that could possibly be a lifelong thing which is something that his future family will need to consider.

Apart from being super handsome, Champ is a fantastic, reliable and lovable dog that is going to make the right family a perfect pet.