Dogs Available

All of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers shown below are, or will be, available for adoption. 


Buster has just turned 3 years of age. He came into our care in December 2019 as an unwanted stray from a dog pound. It soon became clear to us that Buster had a number of issues that we would need to help him with before he would become available for adoption. After months of rehabilitation we now feel that Buster is ready to find his forever home.

When we first met Buster he knew no boundaries and was quite destructive. It was also apparent that Buster had never been socialised as a puppy or young dog. He was very unsettled for several weeks but was just looking for leadership and someone to show him the right way. His new family will need to continue to provide the guidance and reassurance he needs and wants.

With the time and patience that his foster carer has invested in Buster we know that he will make the right family a perfect pet. However, they will need to accept that Buster remains a dog that will not be able to socialise with other dogs and he will always be an 'only' dog in a home. Buster has an instinct to venture off on his own in open spaces and any future adoption contract will insist that he is never allowed off lead unless he is in a secure garden/home. Within the boundaries of his own home he would not attempt to run free - indeed, he is quite protective and respectful of his surroundings.

Buster appears to be goofy but is in fact a very intelligent dog. He is a typical Stafford in that he has a mind of his own and will push his boundaries at times and therefore needs a family that will continue to show him leadership.

Buster is a strong dog and can be boisterous at times but this is only when when becomes overexcited or over stimulated - something we would not advise his new owners to encourage.

Buster is gentle with his mouth and knows basic commands.

Buster is suitable to be rehomed in an adult only family with children over the age of thirteen years without any other pet and especially not cats.

Buster is a medium to high energy dog and will need a regular amount of exercise daily. He can sometimes be a bit of a 'bull in a china shop' and is therefore not suitable to be around little people.

Buster loves to play ball and is very focused on one. His favourite thing is to fetch, catch and bring his ball back. He is so focused on his ball that it is a positive distraction to other dogs whilst out on a walk. He also has a penchant for flip flops and can be a little bit cheeky sometimes and run away with them.

Buster can be left alone at home for a reasonable amount of time and is no longer destructive.

Buster is a very loyal dog. He has built up a very special relationship with his male foster carer and responds very well to a one on one relationship.

Buster enjoys his down time and cuddles on the sofa. He has become quite independent and self confident since he has been in our care and sometimes enjoys his down time on his own. He is a very loving, tactile dog who loves to be close up and personal most of the time.

It will no doubt take time for Buster to settle into his new home but for a family that has the freedom and patience to introduce him to a new environment we feel sure that they will be rewarded a thousand fold with the love and loyalty that Buster has to offer. He is a wonderful dog who is a lot of fun to be around and puts a smile on lots of faces with his goofy and loving ways.

If you wish to find out more about BUSTER #1, please call us on 07563 368 589 or 07599 240 652.


7 year old MARLEY is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit him best. No applications or enquiries about MARLEY can be made until he becomes available for adoption.

If you wish to find out more about MARLEY, please call us on 07563 368 589 or 07599 240 652.