Dogs Available

All of the Staffordshire Bull Terriers shown below are, or will be, available for adoption. 


18 month old BUDDY is currently being assessed to determine what kind of home would suit him best. No applications or enquiries can be made about BUDDY until he becomes available for adoption.


17 month old ENZO is currently being reassessed. Once he becomes available for adoption his full profile will be listed here. No applications or enquiries can be made about ENZO until he becomes available for adoption.


Adorable BENTLEY has just turned 12 years of age. He is looking for a very special home to spend his twilight years where he will be loved and treasured just like all senior dogs should be.

BENTLEY's needs are very little - he longs for human company and a sofa to call his own. Sadly, the years have caught up with him and he is suffering from a number of ailments that come with old age - spondylosis, ataxia and arthritis. His eyesight is gradually fading although he is not totally blind and can see outlines. His hearing is not as it used to be either. BENTLEY does struggle to pick up on noise a lot but responds very well to hand signals and body language.

Despite his troubles, BENTLEY is a soft, gentle Stafford who adores children and adults alike. Unfortunately, BENTLEY doesn't share the same love for other dogs or cats and can only be rehomed where there are no other pets. He likes to get into mischief by opening doors and counter surfing for food but this just adds to his character. His real comforts in life will come from cuddles on the sofa and someone who can chat to him all day long, give him a pat and tell him what a wonderful dog he is.

BENTLEY's ideal home would be with a retired single person or couple that long for some canine company but are unable to get outdoors too often. A 15 minute walk a day is probably all that BENTLEY can manage but he would be equally happy having a reasonably large garden to explore without the need of being exercised where he may come in contact with other animals.

BENTLEY would make the perfect pet for the right family if they are happy and willing to live with his little ailments, most of which can be helped with medication and supplements. His waggy tail and funny antics will bring a smile to anyone's face. Here is a Stafford who will return any love he is shown a thousand times over.

BENTLEY isn't very keen on getting in a car although we are working on that.

BENTLEY is eligible for our Senior Stafford Scheme (SSS). This means that £500 of veterinary care will be paid for by our charity at any time after his adoption should he need it (excluding vaccinations and worming treatment).